As temperatures rise, the oil glands produce more pore-clogging sebum, and sweat stimulates bacteria growth on the surface of the skin. The result can be breakouts on the chest, back, or butt.
Pain o meterCleanser: The right cleanser is often enough to clear up body breakouts. Look for one that contains benzoyl peroxide, an antibacterial that can be very drying on the face but is usually well tolerated from the neck down. (Dermatologists recommend PanOxyl Foaming Acne Wash, which has 10 percent benzoyl peroxide.) Leave the cleanser on for a few minutes in the shower. With daily use, you should notice improvement after about a month. Cost: $10 for PanOxyl

Pain o meterIsolaz: If the topical approach doesn't solve the problem, consider an Isolaz treatment, which combines intense pulsed light (to kill acne-causing bacteria) with suction (to clean out pores). The skin-vacuuming sensation is slightly uncomfortable but doesn't require pain medicine. Most patients need to have three to four sessions, scheduled four weeks apart, but see noticeable improvement after one treatment. Results last about three months, even longer when combined with topical treatments. Cost: $500 for one treatment of the chest and back

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