laura cunningham

Photo: Taghi Naderzad

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Laura Cunningham, 42
Restaurant Consultant

With two decades of operations experience—most of it in fiancé chef Thomas Keller's lauded restaurants—Cunningham has her work uniform locked down: "People joke that I was born in a suit!" But her after-hours look is softer: Mother jeans, J.Crew, and "anything from The Row and Céline."

Fashion Crush
Audrey Hepburn.

Favorite Things
Ballet Bodies training sessions and Tracie Martyn skin products.

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In
Florals or prints. "I could probably wear jeans and boots and a black sweater every day and be perfectly happy with that."

Style Secret
"Accentuate what you have and stick to it. I've become a creature of habit with the colors and lines I wear."

Note to Younger Self "Slow down and figure out how to feel great from within by focusing on diet and exercise. Putting more makeup on when your face breaks out only patches up the problem."

Dress, Max Mara, $1,310; 211-879-6100. Watch, Rolex.