To create the beautiful silhouette Gunn is talking about, try a waist-cinching belt. "A belt is an enormous friend of woman's fashion everywhere," he says. "Have an assortment, from thin ones to wide ones. It's that accessory that you can go a little crazy with, whereas your apparel can be a little conservative."

Once you've defined your waistline, it's time to think about proportion. When wearing a dress or a skirt, Gunn says the length is crucial. "A dress or a skirt should never fall any lower than the lowest point of one's kneecap. So many women wear it to mid-calf, but nothing could be dowdier and frumpier." The most flattering length hits right at the knee, he says.

The last key to the puzzle is fit. "Let's talk about pants," Gunn says. "They should fall straight from the widest part of the hip. They shouldn't' flair, they shouldn't be tapered."

Many women take issue with this rule and say they can never find the perfect fit. Have you ever tried on pants that fit in the hip, only to be too big in the waist? "A lower-rise pant works better because you don't have that issue with the waist," Gunn says. "Women shriek when I say this, but we're not talking about showing everything. We're not going to see a bare midriff here. It's about the fit."

Gunn's definition of a perfect outfit strikes harmony between silhouette, proportion and fit. "If it were easy, everyone would look fabulous," he says. "It's not easy." Next time you find yourself standing in front of you closet and feeling at a loss, just remember what Gunn would say. "Make it work!"

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