Bernadette Deluca, 44, Closter, New Jersey, Preschool Teacher

Mixing high and low: "I'm not a snob about where I shop. I've got classic Prada sandals, but I get more compliments on my trendy Payless wedges. If someone likes my $10 shoes, I smile and say 'thank you' rather than reveal how inexpensive they were. Their loss, my bargain."

Strategy: "When I see something that looks like I'd want to live in it for a season, I buy it and then shop around that one piece of clothing. I've learned to take the time to try everything on, because no garment is right for everybody. I also tend to do better under pressure, like buying an outfit two days before I need to wear it."

Fashion fetish: "My family would be the first to tell you that I'm obsessed with pocketbooks. I indulge in a new one each season. Men love hot cars; I love a hot bag."