Camouflage a long face and high forehead.

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Misella Popovic, 20
What She Wants to Camouflage: Long face, high forehead

The Right Cut: John created softly graduated layers starting about an inch below Misella's chin. "Cutting on an angle widens her face and puts more focus on her eyes," he says. Bangs that graze Misella's brows camouflage her high forehead and play up her cheekbones. The overall length is crucial—too far below the collarbone and the hair would start to make her face appear even longer. Long layers throughout add fullness, and John put Velcro rollers in Misella's hair as he dried it to achieve extra body (a stick-straight style would look harsh).

What to Avoid: All-one-length hair that extends significantly below the shoulders accentuates a thin face and high forehead, as do bangs that hit above the brows. And both together are a particularly unforgiving combination.