Camouflage a wide face and forehead with the right haircut.

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Charlotte Fleming, 62
What She Wants to Camouflage: Wide face, high forehead

The Right Cut: John brought Charlotte's hair up to just below her chin to help enhance her natural texture. "These light, springy curls are so flattering," he says. "I cut just enough layers to really bring them out." Some shorter, curly styles run the risk of looking matronly, but because this silhouette is a little wild, it has the opposite effect. By keeping length around the ears and in back, John also brings a new softness to Charlotte's neck and décolletage, areas that can start to look drawn with age.

What to Avoid: Trying to force coarse hair to be straight can leave it looking tortured—which may make your face appear tired. The strict edges of a straight style also tend to add years to an older face by echoing any lines around the eyes or mouth.