Low-rise panties and hip-huggers

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Discreet Options
All the Frills (top)
The very low rise keeps these hipsters undetectable, but they're not too skimpy for comfort under tight-fitting jeans. Cool mesh trimmed with wide, stretchy lace bands (which lie smoothly on the body) is luscious for summer—the lingerie equivalent of green-tea ice cream on a hot day.

The Great Lace-Up (center)
A little panty that looks romantic, acts practical: The silky synthetics and well-behaved flat edges guarantee a bump-free ride. Denim is opaque enough to let you play around with your lingerie—it's fun to wear something girly under something tough.

Turning Pink (bottom)
Now that new fabric technology has produced lingerie that won't press the flesh, panties can be more comfortable—but still discreet. A sheer, well-priced microfiber hipster panty gives the derriere decent coverage and has a low-rise waist.