No-sweat solutions to wear under workout clothes

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No Sweat Solutions
Short Cut (top)
Double your exercise pleasure with a copycat underlayer: Choosing a panty that mirrors the shape of your clothes is one of Nethero's key invisibility strategies. Folded edges lie flat; copper-bonded fibers in the fabric work as antimicrobial agents.

High Line (center)
Give thongs a chance (Nethero's rules: Buy a good one—comfort requires more fabric, higher cost—and allow two or three wearings to adjust to the new feeling). This high-tech fabric wicks away moisture from the body, so you won't get soggy while working up a sweat.

Brief Encounter (bottom)
Boy shorts are making a comeback, Nethero says: Full butt coverage prevents unattractive ride-up in back (reason enough for their popularity); unobtrusive edging keeps them looking smooth.