Shaping lingerie works best under clingy fabrics.

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Sleek Solutions
Thigh Profile (top)
Visible lines were the major panty issue (51.3 percent) in a recent 917-woman survey by Intimacy, the fit-conscious lingerie boutiques. For the smoothest top-to-bottom silhouette, look for a high waist (it should extend right up to your bra) and long, thigh-mastering legs. A microfiber shaper lets knits slide on snaglessly.

You've Got a Curve (center)
This racy black thong is definitely "not your mother's girdle," says Susan Nethero, Intimacy's owner and chief fit stylist (she has stores in Atlanta, Chicago and New York). Today's shapewear, she points out, is so lightweight and flexible that it's incredibly comfortable, confidence boosting, and sexy.

Perk Up (bottom)
Panty legs don't have to be high cut to go unnoticed under knits: Nonbinding edges make this all-in-one do a vanishing act. Detachable straps secure the raised waist to your bra, and there is a subtle cheek separator to avoid that "uni-butt" effect.