Adam Glassman, creative director of 'O, The Oprah Magazine'

It's a daily decision that can be agonizing for many women…. If you're going to an interview, the office or a meeting at your child's school, what do you wear? When in doubt, you can't go wrong with black!

Adam Glassman, creative director for O, The Oprah Magazine , is here to help you with your clothing conundrums.

Watch as Adam tells audience members which looks work—and which ones need work. Watch

What you wear makes a big difference. "You really should dress appropriate for the kind of field you're working in or even interviewing in," Adam says. "You should do a little bit of homework. Find out what's the corporate culture, what do people wear, so you actually look the part when you go in for an interview."
Danielle's look before

To help some Oprah Show audience members get interview-ready, Adam gave them brand new looks! Danielle is a 36-year-old single mom about to graduate from law school. She will be interviewing for a position as a medical attorney and wants a new style.

Adam's initial reaction? Danielle is a little too ordinary. "She's great. The clothes are fine. It's just basic separates. It doesn't make an impression," he says.

Danielle's separates would have more oomph if the jacket matched the skirt, Adam says. Her major fashion don't, however, is the buff hose. Pantyhose should always match the color shoe you're wearing. "[Buff hose is] only for nurses," he says. "Or if you're wearing a white shoe with it."
Danielle's look after

Danielle's new look is great for an interview and once she gets the job.

The fit-and-flare satin trench coat is a great evening look that Danielle can use after she lands the job. "When you're wearing clothes in the office, you have to think about versatility. It has to work from the office to the evening," Adam says.

Underneath the coat is Danielle's interview suit—a jacket over a shift dress. The dress has some stretch to it, which is great for traveling. "Everyone should have a shift dress in their wardrobe. It really is the perfect little black dress," he says. "You can dress it up. You can dress it down. It's really very easy and proper."

"You look like a different person to me," Oprah says. "For goodness' sakes, you have the job as far as I'm concerned."

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Chinyere before

Chinyere is 25 years old and graduating with a master's degree in business from the University of Chicago.

Her drab interview shoes stopped Adam in his tracks. "They're so comfortable," she says. "I wear them to work usually because I'm on my feet most days."
Chinyere after

Adam replaces Chinyere's lackluster loafers with a pair of hot heels. "We gave her a pair of heels because Chinyere has beautiful legs and we actually put her in a skirt," Adam says. "I did python because animal print is really big."

The look is also great if you're on a budget. "This whole look is really from J. Crew. It's a great, affordable, terrific suit," he says.

Chinyere's new look also shines with a gold handbag. "Metallic for day, that's a trend that's really happening right now," Adam says. "I think she looks really beautiful."

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Nicole before

Nicole has been a stay-at-home mom for the last five years. She's ready to go back to work and is interviewing to be a manager at a jewelry store.

"Doesn't she look great in that sort of stay-at-home look? But it's a weekend look for most people," Adam says. "And now that she's going back into the work world, she really has to look professional. Pulled together. Sophisticated."
Nicole after

Nicole looks like a million bucks in her new outfit! "She's going to be selling jewelry so she needs to look as expensive, as luxurious as the jewelry she's actually selling," Adam says. "You have to keep that in mind when you're dressing the part. Dress the part of where you work."

Adam paired a black boucle jacket with gray trousers, and gave Nicole a hint of color with a plum blouse. "She's going to be behind the counter so you have to think about the upper part of what you are wearing," he says.

Nicole is ready for anything! "I've gone from playdates to the career world again," she says.

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This jersey dress works great for an interview.

If you want to shake up the basic black look for an interview, Adam recommends wearing a dress. "This is a jersey dress here and it's comfortable. It has pockets. I paired it with a long night cardigan," he says. "You put it on. If you get cold, you take it off."

Want to define your waist? Add a wide belt. Patent leather works great for day and night.

A basic black dress is great for any time of day. If you have an event later and can't get home to change, just swap your cardigan with a fabulous jacket. Adam suggests a silk jacket in a plum color.

It's up to you whether you want to go bare-legged or wear hose. But if you wear hose, make sure to match it to the color of your shoes. "There's a lot of hose because it's practical. You're cold. You really don't want to have a bare leg all the time." His favorite picks for hose? Donna Karan, Hue and Wolford.

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The perfect little black dress flatters everyone.

If jersey isn't your style, try a flattering fit-and-flare shirt dress. "It's a great foundation dress, so you can build upon this. You can put a turtleneck underneath it. You can put a jacket over it," Adam says.

Gray, black and silver make for a professional and sophisticated combination. And don't worry about what you'll carry—it's in the bag! Just put a clutch in your daytime tote and you're all set for a night on the town.

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This is one of Adam's favorite suits.

One of Adam's favorite suits is made by Theory. "The fabric is fantastic," he says. "It's a four season suit. You can wear it year round. It has stretch in it, never wrinkles, travels great," he says.

And you'll never have to ask if your butt looks big. "Everyone looks amazing in these pants. Your bum looks great. Your legs look great. Everything," he says.

For a more versatile look, Adam says it's a great idea to break the suit into separates. "The jacket works with jeans. [The pants] work with the sweater," he says. "Again, a great chic day look—gray and black. [I] did a scarf, which is a personal touch of mine."

For a night out, all you need is an evening shawl. Adam prefers a black shawl with silver accents. Just wrap it around your shoulders and go!

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Black and blue is a great color combination.

Your mother may have told you that wearing blue and black together was one of the cardinal fashion sins. This sleek look will prove that old fashion don't is so passé. Adam loves this deep navy suit with a black patent leather bag and shoes. "I think navy and black are beautiful together," Adam says.

And this day-to-night transition is a snap. "For evening, we can just take off the jacket and she has a stand-alone blouse from Robert Rodriguez that's a really beautiful, knockout blouse," he says.

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A sophisticated twinset and a fun handbag can make for a great look at the office.

A sophisticated twinset and a fun handbag can make for a great look at the office. Dress up a basic black skirt with this honey-colored twinset, and add some pop to your wardrobe with a great pattern on your purse and patent leather pumps.

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This cozy wrap sweater in a great shade of gray looks great over a pair of black, slim leg trousers.

Who says you can't be comfortable at work? This cozy wrap sweater in a great shade of gray looks great over a pair of black, slim leg trousers.

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