Age-defying haircut and color

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Getting a Good Haircut and Color
Did you know that a good haircut can make your face look firmer? "Side-swept bangs soften the lines on your forehead, and growing your hair a few inches below the chin takes attention away from sagging," says New York City stylist Eva Scrivo. Hormone changes accompanying menopause can cause hair to become thinner and more brittle, so Scrivo recommends emollient shampoos and soft, gentle brushes. You can also bulk up thinning hair with highlighting; the hydrogen peroxide in bleaching agents swells the hair shaft, making it look thicker, says hair and scalp specialist David Kingsley, PhD.

For the fair-skinned, going a little lighter is probably a good idea. "Dark hair can make your features look severe," says Sharon Dorram-Krause, head colorist at the John Frieda Salon in New York City. Are you comfortable going gray? "Weave in silver or buttery highlights or darker lowlights to deepen color and prevent your salt-and-pepper from looking ashy," says Dorram-Krause. Paul Labrecque, owner of the eponymous salon and spa, has only one hard-and-fast rule: "The most important thing as you get older is to wear a hairstyle that's not blown into place but moves."