Leave it to the professionals—get pointers for when, where and how to tweeze your eyebrows.

First Things First
"Go to an eyebrow specialist for an initial shaping. Maintain the shape by tweezing in the direction of hair growth along the line he or she has established," says Los Angelesased eyebrow guru Damone Roberts.

Tweeze Please
"Never wax your own brows," says Anastasia. "You can easily remove too much. Tweezing is best for maintenance."

Say When
"Tweeze brows after a hot shower, when pores are open; it's less painful," says Eliza Petrescu of Eliza's Eyes at Avon Salon & Spa in New York City.

Color Code
"Choose a powder or pencil one shade lighter than your brow color," says Anastasia. One exception: If your hair is light blonde, try one shade darker.

Above and Beyond
"Don't tweeze any hair on top of your eyebrows," says Damone, "because you can create holes and uneven spots." Focus instead on the area between the brows and on the brow bone.

Fast Track
If you've over-plucked your brows, speed up their growth by applying Rogaine with a Q-Tip to the sparse areas, says Damone. Or rub on a small amount of castor oil for the same effect, says Anastasia.

Wide-Eyed Wonder
To make your eyes appear larger, pluck your eyebrows a few hairs farther from the inner corner of the eye, says Anastasia.


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