Like meditation, yoga is another ancient practice that's a terrific stress buster for our modern times and is credited with any number of health and psychological benefits. The whole yoga scene can be a bit confusing, however, as there are so many different styles available now. It can be soothing if you choose a style that's oriented toward flexibility and stretching, or what you'll often hear called "restorative yoga." Or it can be more energizing if you go with a flow-and-strength approach that challenges your heart and muscles—if this appeals to you, then power yoga would be the way to go. Some types of yoga are strictly physical, while others have a spiritual component; many also incorporate breathing exercises. 

Telling you how to do yoga is outside the scope of this book, but it's so popular that you're sure to find a class near you. If you prefer to practice alone, however, there are hundreds of books, CDs, and DVDs on the market where you can find instruction. No matter if you take a class or pursue yoga on your own, be sure to look into the different types so that you find the method that works best for relieving your stress.

Watch instructor Seane Corn's yoga videos.

Beauty bonus: Classical hatha yoga (as opposed to other more rigorous forms and the hybrid classes that are popular now) was studied at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and found to reduce cortisol levels, which, as you now know, contribute to unhealthy skin.

I'd also like to add that many of my Hollywood celebrity clients are yoga fanatics. I can always identify them because they have that "yoga body"—a lean, balanced, graceful look that's a definite beauty bonus.
Excerpted from Complexion Perfection! by Kate Somerville. Copyright © 2010 by Kate Somerville. Excerpted by permission of Hay House.


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