This is a touchy subject. Although O never shows real fur, activists may also hate fakes for glamorizing what is, to them, a crime. But I believe there's absolutely nothing wrong with imitating fur's luxurious, dressy texture as long as no animals are harmed in the process. Today's faux coats are a lot more realistic-looking than those old, phony, probably flammable "fun" furs—and are offered in a variety of contemporary styles that don't make you seem like you're trying to get a look for less. It's an enlightened way to be chic.

How to wear faux-fur For an instant dresser-upper, shrug on a faux-fur cape-like jacket from Adrienne Landau ($495), a designer known for using real fur who is now doing a terrific job working with fake.

Faux fur coat from Gryphon New York This khaki trench features simulated pelts and a jeweled waistband (Gryphon New York, $828). The cozy scarf (Donna Salyers' Fabulous-Furs, $49) is also cruelty-free.


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