Q: I feel naked without pantyhose (my legs aren't as attractive as they once were). Do I have to go bare?
A: Please—I'm not a stocking cop! Nude legs are chic, but I won't say no to hose. What's critical: matching them exactly to your skin (nothing worse than orangey nylons). Other tricks:

  • DO hide flaws with spray tan (Infinity Sun's Glow on the Go, $45, is like airbrushing for the skin) or bronzing body moisturizer (DuWop's Revolotion SPF 15, $28).
  • DON'T choose elaborate patterns or back seams (they make legs look bigger).
  • DO try fishnets, in neutrals and a fine weave. They add interest without looking sleazy.
  • DON'T wear hose with slingbacks or mules—not attractive.
  • DO get toeless hose (try Hanes Silk Reflections Transparent Sheer collection, $10.50 each) to wear with open-toe shoes.
  • DON'T wear white hose. Ever. Unless you're Nurse Jackie.

Donna Karan sheer stockingsSold on sheers:
I didn't think hose could be truly invisible, but Donna Karan The Nudes ($20 each) converted me: They make legs look better than bare.

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