Concealer might sound like the answer to all your facial flaws, but it's actually not. Makeup artist Laura Mercier says many women don't realize that concealer should only be used under your eyes.

That means, don't put concealer anywhere else on your face! It'll either disappear easily or look greasy or clumpy. Laura says it's more emollient than camouflage makeup, which can be used anywhere on the face except under the eyes. Concealer is formulated to go under the eye on thin, translucent, dry skin. It covers dark circles and fills in fine lines, and it also moisturizers and doesn’t pull on the delicate skin in that area.

  • Do cover dark circles under your eyes with concealer.
  • Do cover spider veins around your eyes with concealer.
  • Do apply concealer with a small, flat brush under your eye with featherlike strokes.

  • Don't apply concealer to pimples because it looks goopy and may slide off due to the oiliness.
  • Don't apply concealer other than under your eyes.

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