"You don't have to be a genius painter to cover age spots [and other facial imperfections]," says makeup artist Laura Mercier. All it takes is a little camouflage makeup and a small makeup brush. Laura says camouflage makeup is thicker and drier than foundation, so it's a much more powerful, longer-lasting cover for imperfections.

  • Do cover pimples with camouflage makeup. The thick, dry formula will stick to oily pimples without looking clumpy or sliding off quickly.
  • Do use camouflage to cover age spots, scars and spider veins. It's thick enough to smooth over bumpy flaws and conceal unwanted redness or scarring.
  • Do dip a precise, flat makeup brush in your camouflage makeup and apply the camouflage with small, featherlike strokes.

  • Don't use camouflage around your eyes. Camouflage is heavier and drier than concealer. It is, therefore, too harsh for the delicate skin around the eyes. If you don't have concealer, however, Laura says to blend camouflage with an eye cream to cover dark circles or spider veins around your eyes when you're in a pinch.
  • Don't use camouflage all over your face. Only use it to cover and touch up problem spots.

Now conceal dark circles and spider veins around your eyes.


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