Do you use foundation all over your face or to cover any imaginable flaw, from wrinkles to blemishes? If so, Laura Mercier is here to tell you that you're making a mucho makeup mistake. Read on to learn the dos and don'ts of foundation.

  • Do use foundation to even out your skin tone. Applied properly, foundation will help your skin look consistent in color and smooth.
  • Do apply foundation only "here and there," just where your skin appears red or uneven in color.
  • Do apply foundation by dabbing a bit on key areas and blending it with a damp sponge in a downward and outward motion.

  • Don't cover your entire face with foundation like a mask.
  • Don't use foundation to cover blemishes. Pimples are oily and slick, so foundation will slide off.
  • Don't use foundation to cover wrinkles. It'll sink into the wrinkle, making it look deeper.

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