Curly summer hair products

If your hair is...curly
1. In the shower: Curls form better when hair is well moisturized, so shampoo no more than once a week and always choose a hydrating formula, like Herbal Essences Hydralicious Reconditioning Shampoo ($3.50; drugstores). On nonshampoo days, use a thick conditioner: Comb it through damp hair, from roots to ends, and wait several minutes before rinsing. Pureology EssentialRepair HairCondition ($27; for salons) has chamomile and olive oil to soften even the coarsest curls.

2. When hair is still damp: A rich styling cream, such as Sunsilk Hydra TLC 24/7 Creme ($3.50; drugstores), continues the moisturizing process and smooths frizz. If your curls are relatively fine, a quarter-size dab is enough; coarse curls call for a more liberal dollop.

3. Just before you leave the house: Rub a drop of a silicone-based serum, like John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Serum ($10; drugstores), between your hands, then retwist any unruly curls and pat down flyaways. (Warning: Serums can get oily, so apply them sparingly.)

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Straight summer hair products


If your hair is...fine and straight
1. In the shower: Your hair probably gets oily quickly, so shampoo daily with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo ($11.50; for salons) is gentle enough to use frequently. Conditioner weighs down fine hair; apply it only from midlength to ends. Try Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Clay Conditioner ($15;, which has kaolin clay to make hair appear fuller.

2. When hair is still damp: Straight, fine hair falls even flatter when you use the wrong styling products. Stay away from oils, serums, or anything that boasts "extra hold"—these formulas can be heavy. Instead, choose a lightweight volumizing spray, like L'Oréal Professionnel Volume Expand Volumizing Root Lift Spray ($23; for salons), and mist it only at the roots. Blow-drying for a few minutes helps the product create some oomph.

3. Just before you leave the house: Hairspray is drying because it contains alcohol; use it to reduce oiliness. TreSemmé 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray ($4.50; drugstores) provides hold without freezing your style in place, and also adds shine.

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Wavy summer hair products

If your hair is...wavy
1. In the shower: If your hair is thick, use the shampoo and conditioner recommended for curly hair. If it's fine, volumizing formulas—like Aveeno Nourish+ Volumize Shampoo ($6.50; drugstores) and Nexxus Dualiste Color Protection + Volume Conditioner ($16; drugstores)—give waves a little extra lift.

2. When hair is still damp: Wavy hair tends to be dry, so the outer layers can look fuzzy; a styling cream like Sunsilk (above left) controls flyaways. To coax out more dramatic waves, you can layer on Fekkai Beach Waves ($23;; it contains sea algae extract to enhance any natural bend in your hair.

3. Just before you leave the house: To block humidity (a preemptive strike against frizz), apply a drop of a silicone-based product, like Matrix Sleek.Look Sealing Serum ($17; for salons).

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Thick summer hair products


If your hair is...thick and straight(-ish)
1. In the shower: Because thick hair can be coarse, you need a shampoo that will soften it, like Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Shampoo ($5; drugstores), which contains hair-silkening cassia and aloe vera. Deeply hydrating Suave Professionals Damage Care Conditioner ($2.50; drugstores) also helps smooth dense hair; if you have oily roots, confine conditioner to the ends.

2. When hair is still damp: Spritz a spray gel from midlength to ends. It's strong enough to control frizz but not so heavy that it will add more weight to your hair. Also, it's fine to use a formula labeled "volumizing," like Nioxin Volumizing Reflectives Spray Gel ($14; for salons)—as long as you keep the product off your roots, it won't create pouf.

3. Just before you leave the house: Bulky hair will have more swing if you use a wax to separate it into small, piecey sections. Run your fingers over Kiehl's Creative Cream Wax ($15.50;, and then rub your hands together to emulsify it. Pull it through the hair around your face and your ends.

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