I had a ball chatting with EmiJay, who are two enterprising young women, about their satiny handmade bands, wearable as bracelets or ponytail holders that don't dent your hair (celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston are fans):
Adam: What got you started?

Emily Matson: We could never find hair accessories we really loved.

Julianne Goldmark: We wanted to make ours classic yet unique—we're inspired by Coco Chanel's style.

EM: We love Blair on Gossip Girl , too!

EmiJay ribbons Adam: How do you make time?

JG: School always comes first.

EM: And lately we haven't done much socializing. But we enjoy our work.

Adam: So you give 20 percent of your profits to Locks of Love?

EM: It's perfect—the charity combines our passion for hair accessories with help for kids in need. [Locks of Love provides hairpieces for children with long-term hair loss.]

Adam: Are you adding new items?

JG: Yes, headbands and hair clips—coming soon to our website !

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