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“A 'bath tonic'? What's that?” asked our famously skeptical executive editor when we showed her the L'Occitane Bain Tonique Biphase ($26). Frankly, we didn't know what to tell her—we were still trying to make sense of the recent influx of fancy European bath products, some of which promise to do everything but make you a sandwich. For example, the L'Occitane tonic is supposed to depuff and detoxify with a blend of cypress oil and red vine leaf extract. Austrian skincare guru Susanne Kaufmann claims the rosemary note in her aroma therapeutic Sensual Bath Oil ($40) will sharpen your senses. The British company Space NK must have spiked its Enrapture Bath Oil ($40) with some crazy love potion; the scent is intended to make you feel as if you'd been whisked away on a romantic Roman holiday. Who needs such lofty ambitions? We're captivated by the divine fragrances, and whatever magic it is that leaves us feeling delightfully pampered.