Jessica Matlin

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Dressed-Up Denim
Jessica Matlin
Beauty Editor
26, 5'3"

"When I find pants that fit my butt, I'm swimming in them everywhere else."

  • Express's special shorter-leg version of jeans are ready to wear.
  • Dark-wash denim always elongates the leg more effectively than the lighter kind; it's dressier and more versatile, too.
  • A good crop? No such thing if you're petite: It "chops" you at the calf or ankle. For a sleek, continuous line, the hemline should cover the top of your heel.
  • A high-belted top makes legs look longer, as do the heels—but for comfort's sake, "maybe I'd do pointy flats instead," says Matlin.
Jeans, Express. Top, Charles Nolan. Shoes, Jimmy Choo.