Megan Wall

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The Modernist
Megan Wall
Designer, Women's Collection
at Michael Kors
28, 5'2 1/2"

"Find a great tailor. My arms and legs are short and my waist is slim so I always get things altered. Once it's done, my clothes look custom-made."

  • Double-duty 101: "A long tunic, belted, is fabulous as a short dress."
  • "Too much fabric will overpower your figure." Think balance: Volume on top means slim on the bottom, and vice versa.
  • "Once you find pants you love, buy two pairs, one hemmed for heels and the other for flats."
  • "I have a very small foot, so I buy kids' socks and save a fortune."
Trench, Burberry. Dress, Michael Kors. Tights, Wolford.

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