Gwen Marder

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The Fit Specialist
Gwen Marder
Fashion Director for Fox News
50s, 4'11 3/4"

"Jackets and pants are the hardest because you really want them to fit well. If they don't, it destroys the look."

  • "I like short jackets over long tops to hide the waistband of pants. A tucked-in shirt cuts you in the middle."
  • Gwen nixes wide-legged pants even if they're in fashion ("They make me look short").
  • "Long skirts will swallow you." Instead of midcalf, her hemlines are midknee.
  • Avoid ankle-strap shoes or short boots, Gwen cautions; they break the leg line.
  • Tailoring can't fix everything: "If a garment is too big in the shoulders, forget about it."