I'm often asked for advice on what will be in style forever. So I've put together a list of mistake-proof items to fit any woman's wardrobe, from here to eternity.
1. Touches of animal print. On a bag or shoe, a little bit of zebra or tiger operates like a neutral. Michael Kors and Ann Taylor bring them out almost every season.

2. A leather jacket. Now a year-round staple, they come in lighter weights and pale colors, like Tory Burch's in camel or Banana Republic's in beige.

3. A men's watch. I like men's styles because they're not too fussy or dainty. If you wear a lot of gold jewelry, go with gold tones (Tag Heuer's are great); if you wear mostly silver, pick stainless steel (Citizen and Swatch have affordable options).

4. Diamond hoop earrings. More youthful than studs, hoops polish off a casual look and complete a dressy one. Unless you want to be mistaken for one of Beyoncé's backup singers, find a medium size. I love Daniel K's, and Carolee makes great faux ones.

5. A sequined scarf. Every woman should have sequins for day. I think the unexpected combination—plain plus fancy—is key.

6. White jeans. CJ by Cookie Johnson's and Gap's come in nice heavy fabrics.

7. A neutral shoe. In leather, patent leather, or fabric, a pair of heels that matches your skin color visually extends the line of your leg.

8. An oversize blazer. The "borrowed from the boys" look isn't going anywhere. At the office, throw on a jacket—black, navy, or pinstriped.

9. A pencil skirt. Sexy without being revealing, and appropriate at any age—it works for every woman. If you have a boyish shape, it gives the impression of curves; if you're curvy, it plays up your figure; if you're plus size, it's more flattering than a full skirt.

10. A lace-trimmed bra or camisole. Peeking out from under a V-neck, a little frill on a Soma bra or Mary Green cami adds a touch of femininity.

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