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Swimsuit Makeover: Theresa, 44
Q: I know color is in. But won't brights make me look larger?

A: Curvy women don't have to resign themselves to a lifetime of black tanks. Not only is color an option, it can be just as slimming as blackā€”as long as you find a suit that uses it strategically, like this one by Swimsuits for All. The vivid pink shades are balanced by black zigzags that visually create a waist and downplay the hips.

Before (Left)
"I really need support on top, and coverage is important to me—I don't want to feel like I'm falling out, and I'm definitely not a thong girl!"

After (Right)
"I felt secure and confident in this suit. It's got all my favorite colors, it has enough coverage on top, and it makes my waist look smaller."

Beach Belle, $68;