Swimsuit shopping
Does swimsuit shopping make you cringe? Make the dressing room a safer space by only choosing suits that match your body shape with designer Bradley Bayou's list of dos and don'ts.
If you've got...

Wide Shoulders
A one-piece with a tank-wrap top in a dark color with a light or brighter color on the bottom or a small skirt. You want the straps to fall on the outside of your shoulders with a V-neck. This will pull your eye in compliment this with a bright color or lighter color bottom to balance your wide shoulders.

Big Bust
Choose a suit with support—either a bra-shaped or halter top with underwire will work best for you. Choose a darker color on top with a brighter color or print on the bottom. You can choose a bikini or full-piece depending on your midsection, and with either type of suit make sure any embellishments are on the lower half to balance your bustline.

Short Legs or Torso
Choose a suit with a high-cut leg. There are really interesting one-pieces out there now with cut outs—pick one where the leg is exposed as much as possible. Boy-cut shorts are not for you.

Long Body
Takinis or a one-piece will work well on you—any top with an empire waistline. If you want to do a two-piece just make sure you minimize the distance between your top and bottom. For example, a shorter tankini is okay if paired with a high-waisted bottom.

No Waist
Choose a one-piece with a V-neck, as plunging as you feel comfortable with a belted waist, preferably in a contrasting or bright color.

Small Bust
You can go as skimpy as you like up top, but choose suits that have their prints or embellishments on the top rather than the bottom, like ruffles or beading.

The dos and don'ts of swimwear
Dos and Don'ts of Swimwear

Stomach Area
Do pick either a high-waisted bikini or a one-piece that will pull you in. Don't pick a low-rise bikini!

Lower Back Area 
To avoid the dreaded muffin top, do pick a suit that doesn't cut straight across the lower back—there are a lot of suits out there right now that have interesting cut outs, or choose a suit that comes up a little higher, closer to the waist. Don't pick a low-rise suit—this will only make the problem worse.

Big Bust
Do choose a suit with adequate support. Don't pick a tiny weeny triangle string bikini.

Small Bust
Do choose a halter or bandeau top, something with gathers will enhance your natural bustline.

No Waist
Do choose a suit with a defined waist, either a one-piece or two-piece, but make sure it has a defined waist, preferably with a belt in a contrasting color. Don't choose an empire waist or low-cut bikini—it will emphasize your nonexistent waist.

Short Legs or Torso
Do choose a suit with a high-cut leg, the higher the better. No boy shorts for you!

No Butt
Do a suit with either a full skirt or gathers in the rear; don't choose a boy short.

Big Butt
Do choose a suit with lower-cut legs, boy shorts or a smooth A-line skirt. Don't choose a high-cut bottom.

Wide Hips
Do wear a high-cut leg with a high waist if you want to show your legs. Or, you can always go for an A-line skirt.

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