9. Sparkle and Shine

You will find lots of sparkle out there this summer, and not just as evening wear, so don't be afraid to shine in the daytime too! Look for metallic off-colors such as pewter over a polished silver and dirty bronze over a shiny gold for one of this summer's hottest trends.

  • Slinky floor-length gowns are of the moment and can suit any frame if the cut is right for your body shape, so keep up with The Science of Sexy secrets to make the best choices for you.
  • Look great in warrior and gladiatorial dress shapes in oxidized metallics. Again, these silhouettes can be cut to fit any body, so be sure to pick one that is best for your frame.
  • Gladiator sandals are still here—and are an excellent way to spice up an outfit. If you have long, lean legs, you can pick a sandal that wraps around your ankle. If you are shorter or have more curvy legs, you need to pick a sandal that will not cut the line of your leg, such as an ankle strap. It will be a bit more difficult for you to find a gladiator that suits you, but resist temptation and do not invest in a shoe that is not flattering. Your sandal should buckle low around the ankle. In fact, the lower, the better.

10. Accessories

Accessories are a great way to incorporate trends into your wardrobe in an inexpensive way. You could easily add a tribal print scarf or a Panama hat to an outfit to make it summer-sizzling. Bangles and beaded jewelry will also update your look. For instance, add a bunch of bangles in neon colors to your favorite outfit, and it is instantly updated and right on-trend. But don’t forget to use accessories that are appropriate for your shape and size. Larger ladies can wear larger pieces, while smaller frames need to utilize smaller accessories.

May 20, 2010, is National Makeover Day! Watch a behind-the-scenes clip with Bradley Bayou on QVC. 


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