6. Tribal

Animal, graphic and geometric prints are a great way to update your wardrobe for summer.

  • If you are going to go for an allover print, pick a simple silhouette such as a sheath dress.
  • However, if you want to use it in separates, remember that animal prints work the same way floral prints work and become the focal point of your use them to your advantage. Place the print where you want to draw attention, such as a scarf or on a V-neck shirt—this will pull the eye up to your face, which is always a good thing! By adding the print to your top half, you can balance a larger bottom half, or vice versa; adding it to your bottom half, you will balance a larger top half.
  • Keep in mind that a simple outfit can be updated with tribal-influenced accessories: belts, scarves, hats and jewelry.
  • Use animal prints sparingly as a focal point—a bold necklace or earrings against a simple background of a basic black dress is a sophisticated, modern look.
  • For some eclectic summer sizzle, try cluttering up with multiple layers of necklaces and bracelets in the same color palette.
  • Remember to use only prints that are in scale with the size of your frame. Larger prints will overwhelm a petite frame and make you appear smaller, just as small prints will make a large frame look larger.
  • Another way to incorporate this trend is with a great shoe. Pick up a gladiator sandal or animal-print shoe to finish off a simple outfit for a polished summer look.

7. Underwear as Outerwear/Sheer Fabric

A camisole is the perfect feminine piece to pair with a boyfriend blazer or military-inspired jacket. Layering or draping sheer fabric is a delicate and feminine way to add a sexy touch to any look. This can work for any body shape, using the principles from my book The Science of Sexy—accentuating your assets and hiding flaws to create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

  • A dark, monochromatic, form-fitting base, such as a tank and dark jeans or pants with a light-colored lace or sheer over-top, will work best on average and tall frames.
  • The dark under-layer will be slenderizing, while the light over-top will add a feminine touch and some sexy to your summer look.
  • If you are short or petite, you can still pick a monochromatic base, such as a camisole, corset or lingerie-inspired top under a contrasting boyfriend blazer. It is a great option for larger sizes, as the contrasting colors will give you a bold, vertical line, for a slenderizing effect.

8. Nudes and Neutrals

These tones are the perfect contrast to the tribal prints and other bold patterns that are trending this summer. Anything from soft flesh-tone hues to earthy neutrals are going to be hot, so start looking for those in stores and in your wardrobe.

Because nudes are considered neutral colors, they go well when combined with other colors in an outfit or as a canvas to display your jewelry, so go nude and pile on an eclectic mix of necklaces and bangles! However, be sure to pick the right nude fabrics—and whatever you do, do not pick items that are too tight, as body-hugging silhouettes will look like another layer of skin, which isn't flattering at all. To be most flattering, they should drape and float away from the body.

Be careful, because nude colors tend to wash out some skin tones, so mix nudes with black and darker neutral tones like brown, navy and gray, or combo with a splash of color or sparkle around your face.


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