3. Military

The military look can be used in a variety of ways to update pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

  • If your body type is an inverted triangle, avoid military jackets with structured shoulders or heavy detailing on the shoulders—such as epaulets or large buttons. These will draw the eye outward and make you appear top-heavy; instead, choose one that has pockets at the hips to balance your broad shoulders. Military cargo pants are a good option for you because the bulky hip pockets will balance your broad shoulders.
  • A triangle should choose a military jacket with epaulets and structured shoulders because this will balance your hips—and avoid those cargo pants with bulky pockets around the hips!
  • A military jacket will work well for hourglass and rectangle shapes if you pick one that pulls in to give a defined waist. If you choose cargo pants with bulky pockets, make sure to balance your frame by also addressing your shoulders.
  • Remember, you can also incorporate this look by utilizing a military or camouflage print, or with accessories such as military-inspired hats and sunglasses.

4. Boyfriend Blazer

Don't leave your boyfriend blazer behind this summer! He may turn out to be your favorite accessory.

  • You can take him to work over a button-down and a great pair of shorts, or—paired with heels and sexy top—you will want to take him with you for a night out.
  • He will also look great with the sleeves rolled up and lots of colorful bangles. (And a great way to incorporate summer's other big jewelry trend!)
  • The key to making this trend work is to pick a jacket that has shape rather than just a box cut; otherwise, you may hide your waist and add weight to your frame.
  • Whatever your shape, if you wear a fitted underpinning with the blazer, it will be slenderizing—and if the underpinning is a contrasting color, it will be even more slenderizing!

5. Vest

A good summer alternative to the boyfriend blazer is a vest. It's a great way to incorporate a menswear edge and still beat the heat! This piece pulls in and accentuates your waist and is a great way to create an hourglass silhouette for any body type.

  • A rectangle should choose a vest with a pronounced front V with a hem closer to your waist to detract from your hips.
  • An inverted triangle should choose a vest with a peplum and wider-set straps to balance your shoulders.
  • Hourglass and rectangles should make sure to choose a vest that is form-fitting and accentuates the waist.
  • If you have a larger frame, match the color of your vest to your shirt. This will work much as a corset would, providing support and a slenderizing effect, especially if worn under a contrasting jacket.


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