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Q: I love summer, but I can do without the bug bites and sunburns that go with it. I know there are clothes that combat these things, but they look more functional than fashionable. Help!

A: It is possible to look stylish while being practical, and we sifted through racks of summer-clothing-with-benefits to find pieces you'd want to flaunt. I'm crazy about Parasol's entire line, including this embroidered dress, which has a UPF of 50+. (UPF rates fabric protection, while SPF rates sunscreen. A cotton tee typically has a UPF of 5.)

Dress, Parasol, $295; ParasolSun.com. Hat, $48; EchoDesign.com. Shoes, $80; Express.com.
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Meanwhile, this button-down by Columbia—perfect for gardening!—features a DEET-free insect repellent and UPF 30, and is superchic to boot. Pair it with UPF 50 cargo pants by Mott 50 and you'll be calm, cool, collected—and protected.

Shirt, $85; Columbia.com. Pants, $145; Mott50.com. Sunglasses, $319; Kaenon.com. Bag, $87; DeuxLux.com. Shoes, $90; Superga-USA.com.

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Known for its artisanal Turkish cotton towels reminiscent of art, nature and vintage rug patterns, Fresco has just launched a new terry cover-up line, which includes this soft, Cabo-meets-Coachella poncho. And I got you a discount!

Originally $120, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; FrescoTowels.com. Swimsuit, Jo De Mer, $233; NancyMeyer.com.

Photo: Ben Goldstein/Studio D

Made in the Shade
Your eyes truly are the windows to your soul, and it's worth investing in the right sunglasses to protect them, ladies. Sunglasses can help prevent wrinkles and, more importantly, melanoma. According to my friends at the Vision Council of America, you should:

Choose sunnies that block 100 percent of UVA/UVB rays (check the label).

Avoid street-fair cheapies, even if the lenses are darker—they cause pupils to dilate, which allows harmful rays to penetrate more easily.

Remember to wear them. Fifty-two percent of women forget to put on their sunglasses.

From top: $319; kaenon.com. $145; tommybahama.com. Lafont, $411; viziooptic.com.

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