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TREND: Innerwear as Outerwear
"This spring, several designers returned to corsetry, lace and boning—it was a huge trend," says Adam. "I believe in the 9 to 5 girl—how do I say this—not the 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. girl."

Fortunately, says Adam, there's a tasteful way to adapt this trend. (Which is great, because most of us can't pull off Victorian madam, circa 1885, or Madonna, circa 1985.) For a hint of lace, he suggests wearing a pretty camisole under a cardigan or jacket (instead of reaching for your standby cotton T-shirt). Or you might save the pretty corsets and delicate, transparent lace pieces for the bedroom. "The lingerie companies are going to be very inspired by the runway looks, so if you run to Victoria's Secret, you'll find lots of pretty bra-and-panty sets now."