That glow on the horizon means spray-on bronzing treatments are sweeping the country. Here's how to get yours.
Preparation: Thorough exfoliation is crucial (do it at home pretreatment, or have it done at the salon), says cosmetologist Aldona Roth of the Paul Labrecque salon—color goes on more smoothly. 

Application: Make sure you or the technician blends to get rid of any unevenness. 

Longevity: Expect your tan to last five to seven days. Because there may be rub-off, wear loose, dark clothes and avoid sweating or bathing for eight to ten hours posttreatment. 

Maintenance: Use a light moisturizer to avert flakiness. Sunbathing is okay (with SPF, please!), but swimming in chlorinated pools is not. Take quickie showers with minimal soaping, and skip heavy exercise: Sweating can dissipate the tan. 

Safety: The chemical in spray-on tanners—dihydroxyacetone (DHA)—is FDA approved for external application only; wear a mask on your nose and mouth during application (use a cream to tan your face), and limit treatments to twice yearly.

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