Oprah white suit jacket

Classic Suit
Adam: "Everyone needs a cream suit for spring—whether the pieces are worn together to the office or separately for a more casual look."
Barry Kieselstein Cord Bag

Barry Kieselstein-Cord Bag
Adam: "Barry Kieselstein-Cord is a classic designer. With a simple suit or sheath dress, this bag will complete your outfit."
Chicago Olympic Delegation Jacket

Chicago Olympic Delegation Jacket
Oprah: "The Chicago delegation for the 2016 Olympics all wore the same jacket to Copenhagen. I would have kept this if Chicago had won."
Oprah's auction silver booties

Silver Booties
Adam: "Oprah is fortunate enough to get a lot of gifts and hates to part with them. Metallics are in now, and these will look great with trousers."
Oprah's auction green lace up shoes

Green Lace Up Shoes
Oprah: "These are from a time when I was doing a menswear look. They still look terrific with pants."
Oprah's auction small woven bag

Woven Bag
Adam: "Great bag! Just not Oprah's style, and it's too small for her frame. But it's still chic."
Oprah's auction stretch boot

Stretch Boot
Adam: "Who didn't own a stretch boot in the early to mid-'90s? Comfortable? Yes! A little outdated? Not necessarily. This pair will still look great if worn with trousers."
Oprah's Ralph Lauren Cashmere Bucks shoes

Ralph Lauren Cashmere Bucks
Oprah: "These are my Ralph Lauren cashmere bucks. They just make me happy—they're supercomfy. I've had them about nine years. I think I have two more pairs at home."
YSL Black and White Strappy Heel

YSL Strappy Heels
Oprah: "These Yves Saint Laurent heels would be perfect for a garden party or a wedding."
Beige Pierre Hardy patent wedge

Patent Wedge
Adam: "Oprah believes that wedges are often the most comfortable way to wear a heel—and this is a great neutral shoe."
Oprah's auction brown heeled boot

Brown Boot
Oprah: "I did love these boots. I wore them one time, and they killed my feet—but now I know it was the fit: I've since learned I wear a size 11, not 10."

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