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Photo: William Garrett

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Mini Skirt
"You have to be young—under 30—or have great legs to pull off a mini," says Adam. "If neither of those things applies to you but you absolutely must wear one, wear it with tights so you'll feel more comfortable. I may get a lot of flack for this, but I just don't think you should wear a mini if you're over 30."

How to Wear It: Choose skirts that are slightly A-line (not tight), and pair them with flats or wedge boots. Wear looser tops to balance the skirt's skimpiness. And please, don't wear a mini to the office.
If You're Short: Petite women can get away with minis more easily. But they still need to wear tights if over 30.
If You're Tall: Have fun with proportion: Pair with long cardigans and three-quarter-length jackets.
What to Avoid: Blazers ("too Ally McBeal" says Adam). And don't even think about a stiletto unless "trashtastic" is the look you want.

Coat, Jones New York Collection, $299. Skirt, Uniqlo, $30. Scarf, Baby Mo. Tights, No Nonsense. Boots, Pollini by Nicholas Kirkwood. Great Dane provided by the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League.