Hanging in my closet right now is a sequined, electric blue, ridiculously baggy top that screams "Get This Party to Studio 54!" Metallics and slouchy shapes were the talk of fall 2008, after all, so I promptly slapped down my credit card. I've worn it...twice.

So goes my fall-shopping season. See it, love it, buy it—only to let it die a long, slow death in the back of my closet once next year's hot new thing comes along. To avoid making the same mistake again this year, I cornered O 's creative director, Adam Glassman, and asked him for advice on what trends will be forever known as "Fall 2009" and which ones will stick around for a while.

Balmain harem pants
Trend: Harem Pants

"We say no to the MC Hammer-pant look at all costs," Adam says. "I've seen people—tall, young, skinny people—look really chic in them, but the droopy drawers are tricky to pull off for most real women."

Here to Stay: The Classic Khaki

Take a basic trouser into '09 with a colorful bag and coat.

Next: Strong shoulders
Strong shoulders at Balmain
Trend: Shoulder Pads
Shoulder pads appear right after harem pants on Adam's list of don'ts. "Avoid that sort of Dynasty Nolan Miller look!" he says. It's extremely severe and masculine."

Here to Stay: The Oversized Blazer
"The slouchy jacket is having a moment," says Adam, "but I like it because you don't think about it. You just throw it over a cocktail dress, or over pants and a shirt. It's not so severe that you can't wear it in future seasons." We like these options.

Next: Acid wash jeans
Acid-washed jeans from Dsquared
Trend: Acid Wash/
Tye-Dyed/Ripped Jeans

"These '80s styles are so right-now, but new jeans that are made to look old aren't worth the money," says Adam. Denim trends have a tendency to come and go quickly, so if you're going to spend the money, aim for a more sophisticated style with staying power.

Here to Stay: Boyfriend Jeans
Loose, cuffed, cinched jeans that sit low on the hips are wearable at any age.

Next: Short poofy ruffles
Madonna at the Costume Institute
Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com
Trend: Short Poofy Ruffles
"It's Madonna at the Costume Institute," Adam says. "This trend is a costume. It's over the top."

Here to Stay: Feminine Frills
The key to ruffles is moderation. A touch here and there is demure and sensuous.

Next: Crazy stilettos
YSL black spikes
Trend: Sky-High Shoes
"You can avoid the crazy stiletto and platform spikes," Adam says.

Here to Stay: Ankle Boots
The bootie made its first appearance in stores last fall, and it's back again this season in even more shapes and sizes. Plus, the heels come in an array of trendy-yet-comfortable heights.

Next: Stirrup pants
Stirrup pants
Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage.com
Trend: Stirrup Pants.
"The legging is a very easy look to do," Adam says. But if you choose the stirrup version or wear them as pants, with tops that are too short or high heels, you run the risk of looking like a character in a John Hughes movie. "If you wore it the first go-around, it's safe to say you really don't want to wear it the second time around," he says.

Here to Stay: Leggings as Layering Pieces
"I like a legging with sophisticated layering pieces," he says. "Wear them underneath a tunic, short dress, or with a longer jacket."

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