Thick ankle flats

For those with thick ankles…
…flat shoes with a thin toe make the ankle look even stumpier. A high ankle strap strangles the ankle, and a low kitten heal is in danger of looking like it's going to snap under your weight.

A more substantial shoe looks in proportion to a more substantial ankle:
  • A chunky loafer is a good choice.
  • A simple thong lends much-needed length to a thick ankle.
  • Clogs and mules are a thick ankle's best friend.
So the sneaker pictured on the left is a bad choice for thick ankles because it makes the leg look short and stubby. The flat mule pictured on the right elongates the leg, giving the appearance of a thin ankle.
Thick ankle heels

For those with thick ankles…
…slingbacks with kitten heels and mules with a thin heel will both look like you have squashed a large leg into a tiny shoe.

If you wear a pump, make sure the heel comes straight down from the base of the shoe, which will give your ankle some shape.
  • A slingback can look good with a high, sturdy heel.
  • A heavy heel on a wedge mule will make your ankles appear thinner.
So the heel on the left is a bad choice because the ankle strap cuts off the length of the foot and takes the eye to the least flattering part of the leg. The low cut of the shoe on the right is great because it draws the eye down and away from the ankle.
Thin ankle flats

For those with thin ankles…
…will look like trees stuck in concrete in clumpy shoes such as Birkenstock clogs. Even a ballet flat will appear to swamp the foot, and large details, such as flowers, tend to overpower a thin ankle.
  • If you wear an open-backed shoe, it needs to be a thong sandal so the flow of your legs isn't broken.
  • Pointed toes finish off the ankle in a less jarring way than a round toe.
  • Any detail in the front of the shoe should be delicate.
So the shoe on the left is a bad choice for thin ankles because the high front and chunky heel are too heavy for a delicate ankle. The right shoe is perfect because a pointed toe with a slim heel will flatter the leg.
Thins ankle heels

If you have thin ankles…
…beware of hefty heels. They dominate the shoe, make your feet look enormous and exaggerate the skinniness of your ankles.

More elegant heels will allow the wearer to show off her ankles to the best advantage without the shoes detracting from them and drawing too much attention to your feet.

So the heel on the left is a bad choice for thin ankles because the chunky heel is overpowering. The slender heel on the right is much more flattering for dainty ankles.