You know those old movies where the mousy secretary lets down her hair, whips off her glasses, and is suddenly amazing? Four women go through their own "Why, Miss're beautiful!" moment.
Maybe you, too, have lost touch with that bold, playful, confidently female part of yourself. No surprise—it's easy enough to quit paying attention to your inner vixen if you're not making time for fun, you're buried in work or in mothering (or both), or you've shied away from a particular kind of attention because it makes you uncomfortable. But in shutting down your sensuality, you cut off a vital part of yourself. Wouldn't you rather be open, with a full capacity for pleasure and the ability to relate on all fronts? We thought so. The women you see here would, too; that's why they decided they were ready to expose an aspect of themselves they had kept under wraps for years. So we called master hairstylist Ken Paves, and colorist Laura Niles, makeup artist Rebecca Restrepo, fashion editor Jill Swid, and brow guru Eliza Petrescu to help us orchestrate a few dramatic encounters. Let them inspire you.

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