A great selfie is all about lighting, angles, and confidence.

Daylight is always best for illuminating your face. People take restroom shots because they think fluorescents make you look glowy, but they also highlight skin flaws. Overhead lighting can emphasize bumps and lines, too, so beware of standing below a lamp.

You should have at least three go-to angles, so experiment with different camera positions at home. Generally, holding your camera above your eyeline and turning your head slightly is super flattering. And don't forget about the background. You don't want it to look like the room you're in was hit by a tornado.

Instead of trashing a photo you don't like, you can make some quick fixes using an app. (Facetune, for example, can whiten teeth or even out skin.) But go easy on the adjustments, or you may end up looking like a cartoon character. If you have good lighting and believe the camera is your friend, you'll be surprised by how little you need extra help.

Inspect These Gadgets:
Top-drawer tools to step up your selfie game.

A protective phone case from Ty Hunter (see above!) with three light settings, so you'll look flawless anywhere. Ty-Lite, $80.

When you've got a weightless, color-correcting face powder that illuminates your skin, who needs filters?
Laura Geller Filter Finish Setting Powder, $32.

Wrap the adorable tentacles of this tripod around a tree branch or a street sign, so you can mount your phone in exactly the right spot. Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand, $30.

Click this fun button, which acts as a remote shutter release for your phone, making arms-outstretched shots a thing of the past.HISY Bluetooth camera remote, $25.


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