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Secrets of a Celebrity Hairstylist
It often seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Hair is one of the things that most women always put off until the last moment, often tackling it themselves. Here are my secrets on how I keep my clients always looking camera-ready—even when their hair is not cooperating.

Always Look Camera Ready Even If You Have To Fake It
I recently sent Christina Applegate down the red carpet wearing more than a great hairstyle. She hadn't had time to have her highlights touched up, so we faked it with a little shimmery golden eye shadow swiped just over her roots. Who knew? Certainly not the press! People magazine and Star Magazine even chose her hairstyle as one which stood out that night. I prefer eye shadow to hair powder, because it has a consistency that stays better—and you probably already have it in your makeup bag.

A trend this season in fashion is a glamorous 1940s style. The key to retro trends is to lend an influence to your style without letting it overpower your look. I recently sent Carmen Electra down the red carpet in true 1940s glamour! Start by parting your hair to one side. Then part your hair in three sections; the back and each side. In each section, apply a large bobby pin (horizontally) across the ends of your hair and then roll this section up to your scalp and apply two small bobby pins forming an "x" over the large pin. This will secure the shape to your scalp and give the illusion of a fresh new "trendy" haircut. I call this change without commitment!

For the recent Emmy awards, I wanted to pair Kim Cattrall's sexy dress with understated but modern hair. Although her current length was somewhat short, we accomplished the look with extensions. It was simple but sexy. This is easier than you think and more common, but do consult a professional to get the look.

Getting to the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo with a client of mine, we took a long flight, a helicopter ride and a car ride. We arrived at the hotel to find it surrounded by paparazzi. Neither she nor her hair was camera-ready! Sunglasses and lip gloss would do the trick, but her head was surrounded by a halo of static. After I stopped laughing (she was not), I realized my equipment wasn't with me but in another car. Without any hair products, it was either lick my hands and swipe them over her head as my mom would have done, or use the hand lotion I had found in the bottom of her purse. We both agreed only a mother can get away with the first choice, so I slathered the lotion through her locks. Finding her tresses tamed, she was camera-ready!
Get More Mileage Out of Your Hair
Many women feel their hair looks better the day after a fresh style. Begin the "second day" by setting dry hair in Velcro rollers all over the head smoothing through to the ends of your hair. Apply a light hairspray at the roots for a little lift; the alcohol will absorb any excess oil. Next, apply heat for five minutes and allow hair to cool before finger styling. This is the formula behind instant "cover" hair. The rollers could be substituted by a curling or flat iron. Take advantage of "the second day" and get an extra 15 minutes of sleep.

Changing your style can be done with the flip of a "switch!" Flipping your hair to the other side than usual creates more volume and can create a dramatic change.

What's Not in Style
In the fall and winter months I can often be found battling with "oily hat head" and static. Conditioning your hair properly will help combat these annoying concerns. Turning up the heat this season may keep you warm but also wreak havoc on your hair. As you may notice that your skin is extremely dry this time of year and your hair is dehydrated as well, allowing static to take over your style. Take extra time to deep condition your hair in the shower, shampoo first then apply conditioner to your hair, comb thru with a wide-tooth comb and rinse when your shower is complete. Leaving the conditioner on for the extra time will work like a mini treatment. For people whose style is cramped by hat head or oily scalp, try customizing your conditioning routine. Still begin your shower with your shampoo and conditioning routine, but when it comes to conditioner, apply only from the mid-shaft of your hair to your ends. This will leave room for some of your natural oils.

Don't Share Your Secrets!
If you're one of those women who says, "Oh, I got these on sale, they were on the discount rack" when complimented on your new clothes, keep this to yourself! I don't think it will be as well received if you say, "Well, you should have seen how greasy my hair was this morning, until I dried the oil up with baby powder" when complimented on your "second day" hair!

And, for the most important secret of all… Smile For The Camera!

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