Getting Susan's look, step-by-step:
Eliza Petrescu's Eyebrow Rx: "Susan's right eyebrow was higher and fuller than her left one, and it made her face look asymmetrical. She was using black pencil to fill in her brows: big mistake! No one should ever use black eyebrow pencil! I trimmed and plucked her right eyebrow to narrow it and then showed Susan how to bulk up sparse areas with a blonde pencil. The result: more symmetrical features."

Ken Paves's Hairstyle Rx: "Susan's hair is thin, and thin hair always looks more sparse when it's dark. So her black shoe polish color wasn't doing her any favors. I gave her a much softer, richer, warmer chestnut brown shade with caramel highlights; it makes her hair look fuller and also counteracts the reddish undertones in her complexion. One of the reasons Susan liked to pull back her hair was to show off her beautiful neck, so I gave her a cut that would allow her to continue to do that. A chin-length bob, slightly tapered in the back, has the neat look of a pulled-back style, but with swing and movement; full bangs diminish her high forehead and emphasize her gorgeous eyes."

Rebecca Restrepo's Makeup Rx: "Too much color—turquoise shadow and bright red lipstick—overwhelmed Susan's delicate features. She can wear color, but I wanted to keep it soft, so after a liquid foundation, I lined her lids in a honey brown pencil and applied smoky, pale gray eyeshadow from her lashline to the crease of her lids. Then I gave her several coats of black mascara. For a pop of color on her cheeks, where she had worn a stripe of reddish color, I used a coral cream blush, which gave her a healthy glow. For a warm, rosy lipcolor, I blotted on a true red lipstick to create a stain—nothing too bright. Her new look is still a showstopper, but not overly dramatic."

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