Getting Frid's look, step-by-step:
Eliza Petrescu's Eyebrow Rx: "Frid had never had her brows shaped. Because they're very straight and flat, I gave her a bit of an arch, which helped downplay her high forehead. Then I used a taupe pencil to fill in her brows and gel to set them."

Ken Paves's Hairstyle Rx: "Because Frid's natural haircolor washed out her complexion, I gave her a honey brown allover shade with blonde highlights, which complements her skin tone. Her hair was so dry that it had lost a lot of its texture and curl. Cutting it to collarbone length restored some of that. And because her cut works with her texture, she'll be able to wash and go; if she uses a diffuser on a medium setting, she can emphasize the curl."

Rebecca Restrepo's Makeup Rx: "A busy mom like Frid doesn't want to fuss with a lot of makeup, but she can still look great. I applied a liquid foundation all over her face, and then lined Frid's upper eyelids with a black liquid liner. I brushed a light beige shadow on her upper lids and gave her several coats of black mascara. A soft bronzer on the apples of her cheeks and along her hairline gave her a sun-kissed look. And a plum red lipstick brought out her hazel eyes."

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