Getting Angela's look, step-by-step:
Eliza Petrescu's Eyebrow Rx: "Angela's brows were so light, you could hardly see them. I waxed around her natural shape to give them more definition, and then used a blonde pencil to extend them a bit toward her temples and fill them in."

Ken Paves's Hairstyle Rx: "Angela's hair is a mousy brown, and she had two different haircuts, really: one was waist-length and the other was short and feathered around her face. To give her a more distinctive look without shocking her, I colored her hair a very natural red, with tawny brown highlights. It's a head-turning shade but still subdued. And after we cut off the length, I gave her a short, casual, layered cut that works with her texture so she can let it air-dry. She'll never have to fuss with it, but it'll always look terrific."

Rebecca Restrepo's Makeup Rx: "Angela has stunning bone structure, so after I applied liquid foundation all over her face to even out her skin tone, I applied a luminizer to her cheekbones to bring them out. On her eyes, I used a light auburn brown shimmery shadow from her lashline to the crease of her lids. Then I brushed a hint of dark chocolate shadow on the outside corners of her eyes just above the lashline for a little lift. On her bottom lashline, I used a soft honey beige pencil. And then I gave her several coats of black mascara. A pale peach blush warms up her complexion without overpowering her natural coloring."

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