Getting Eva's look, step-by-step:
Eliza Petrescu's Eyebrow Rx: "Eva had plucked off almost all her brows, so I used a blonde pencil to draw a shape with feathery strokes and brushed up the brows she does have to fill it in. Once her brows grow back, she can use a blonde pencil to cover any sparse spots."

Ken Paves's Hairstyle Rx: "Eva has a broad, beautiful face with large features. A short haircut would emphasize them, making them look even bigger, so I kept her length but gave her a side bang with soft layers around her face. Her dark hair looked harsh against her pale complexion; a medium-beige blonde base shade with light blonde highlights gives her skin luminosity. A side part with soft waves is sexy but classic."

Rebecca Restrepo's Makeup Rx: "After I applied a liquid foundation all over her face, I played up Eva's eyes with a light beige shadow and tons of black mascara on her top lashes as well as the bottom. I used a faint, soft peach blush because Eva has a lot of rosiness in her complexion, and I didn't want to emphasize that. But I did want to accentuate her gorgeous lips. So I applied a cream lipstick in a peach shade light enough so that her own lip color broke through. Natural, but a little more so."

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