Getting Cynthia's look, step-by-step:
Eliza Petrescu's Eyebrow Rx: "Cynthia hadn't touched her eyebrows in 30 years. And I could tell! They were wiry and coarse, and their shape made her look tired. So I gave them a bit of an arch and trimmed them. I wanted her to look groomed but very natural. A little brow gel holds them in place."

Ken Paves's Hairstyle Rx: "Rather than dye Cynthia's salt-and-pepper hair black, it's more flattering to her complexion to give her a light brown allover shade with caramel or honey undertones. Her hair was very dehydrated; a cut that skims her shoulders got rid of the dead ends and infused her hair with more bounce. Though she can simply wash and go, if she wants a sleek style, she can use a flatiron from roots to ends."

Rebecca Restrepo's Makeup Rx: "Cynthia doesn't wear a lot of makeup and told me she didn't want me to do much, so I kept her look subtle but elegant. I used a liquid foundation and then a coppery brown eyeshadow from her lashline to the crease of her lids. I traced the inside rims of her eyes with a chocolate brown liner to bring out their color and size, and gave her a couple of coats of black mascara. A burnt-sienna blush on the apples of her cheeks warmed up her complexion, and a tomato red lipstick emphasized her lovely mouth."

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