Fashion designer Rachel Roy

Designer Rachel Roy has only been showcasing her own collections since 2005, but she's already being called the next big name in fashion.

Rachel says her dreams of becoming a designer began when she was just a child. Growing up, she says she used to buy magazines at the grocery store and pour over the glossy fashion spreads.

After college, Rachel's dreams took her straight to New York City, where she met her husband, hip-hop mogul Damon Dash. Rachel went from stylist to a strong creative force at Damon's company, Rocawear.

In 2005, Rachel branched off and started her own clothing line, which has been worn by many of Hollywood's leading ladies, including Sharon Stone, Penelope Cruz and Lucy Liu.
Rachel Roy's yellow blouse and khaki short pants

Oprah and her audience are treated to a look at Rachel Roy's Spring 2007 collection.

Rachel opens the fashion show with a yellow sleeveless blouse and khaki short pants. "[Yellow] looks good on all skin colors," she says.

When paired with a cardigan, this blouse is ideal for the office, she says. After work winds down, Rachel suggests removing the sweater and heading out for a night on the town. If it's too cold for shorts, you can also pair this top with long pants.
Gray skirt with cashmere T-shirt and ivory blouse with pin-striped slacks

Rachel says these two looks—especially the gray skirt—are flattering on most women. "That skirt is good on a lot of figures," Oprah says.

These outfits also serve double duty as office attire and evening wear. The sparkly cashmere T-shirt (pictured on the left) can be removed to change the look completely.

Unlike many designers, Rachel prefers her pin-striped pants to fit a little loose. "The slacks, I love because they're baggy," she says. "I like to size my pants up a size so that I can get a smaller size."
Sleeveless dress

Need an outfit that you don't have to iron? Rachel says this sleeveless dress is perfect for traveling because the more it wrinkles, the better it looks. The design also has pockets for your convenience.

Rachel believes that women can use clothes to show the world who they are on the inside. "I think it's your first opportunity to really tell someone what to think about you," she says. "You should tell them what to think about you as opposed to letting someone make opinions about you. … If you feel good, you stand up a bit straighter."
White blouse with a navy skirt and a navy and beige dress

Rachel takes a classic white blouse and adds detailing along the neckline and sleeves (pictured on the left). When paired with a navy skirt, this look is perfect for businesswomen who want to look professional and feminine.

If you're tired of wearing long evening gowns to black-tie events, then this navy and beige dress is for you (pictured on the right). "I love it because you look different than other women in the room," Rachel says. "You can [wear] whatever you want as long as you feel good."
Rachel's 'power suit'

You won't see any stuffy navy blue blazers in Rachel's spring collection. This frilly blouse and cream skirt combination is her version of the "power suit."

"There's nothing wrong with looking like a woman and going in the workplace and doing everything a man can do but looking 1,000 percent like a lady," she says.

Rachel says this detailed blouse is much more flattering—and feminine—than structured suit jackets.
Belted blue dress

Moments after seeing Rachel's belted blue dress, Oprah declares her love for the design. Rachel says this is also one of her favorites.

"It's defined, and it's sexy," she says. "You're not showing anything, but look how sexy she is."

Many of Rachel's designs were created with a woman's curvy, hourglass figure in mind. "If I didn't love the hourglass, I wouldn't love myself," she says. "I'm not a size 0, and I'm nowhere close to it. But, I don't want anyone to know what I am so I like to design clothes so you don't know what's going on under there."
Cream trench dress

Is it formal wear or outerwear? According to Rachel, it's both. This trench design doubles as both a dress and a coat. "You're spending money and you're getting two outfits," she says.

Rachel says she wears this outfit everywhere—to the office and to formal functions. "It's as comfortable as a bathrobe…and it's chic," she says.
Black and ivory evening gown

When your red carpet moment arrives, you'll want to have just the right outfit. Rachel says this floor-length gown is the perfect look for special occasions. "It's a little different or modern than other gowns," she says.

"Very chic-ola," Oprah says. "Beautiful."

You can find Rachel's collection at stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as online at .