Modernize Your Shoes

Before: Some shoes stay in fashion for years, but administrator Schaunté Collins's decade-old mules have not. Their shiny white patent leather material (especially in contrast to her dark skin tone) make others notice her shoes first, rather than her great dress or bright smile.

After: Bronze heels, which act as a neutral against Schaunté's complexion, streamline her silhouette and take the focus away from her feet.

Update Your Glasses

Before: Your specs are critical to enhancing your features. Massage therapist Carolyn Dyer's dated-looking frames aged her and made her beautiful gray-blue eyes appear smaller.

After: We swapped her oversize frames for a modern pair that has transparent lower rims, which lift her entire face.

Switch Your Handbag

Before: Stay-at-home-mother Amy Chaudry's jumbo-sized purse was much too large for her 51 frame.

After: This unstructured satchel is a scaled-down version that's still roomy enough to hold the contents of her other bag. Because it's in proportion to her body, Amy instantly looks more polished.

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