What's your favorite style tip?

Shop for the life you have, not the one you want. Trust me, I believe in dreaming big, but especially in these economic times it's important to spend money on what you really wear. If you have a bunch of dresses stuck in the back of your closet, don't buy another! 

Take stock in your daily routine and have chic, comfortable pieces to wear in it. You'll always feel better if you take that extra minute to put on something that makes you look good, even if you're just running errands or walking the dog.

What is the biggest fashion faux pas women make?

Definitely wearing big, clunky sneakers with an outfit! There is nothing stylish about them, and they are for the gym only. If you absolutely can't part with them, wear them with a cute workout look and call it a day.

What about on vacation when a lot of walking is involved and you just want to be comfortable?

There are so many cute alternatives now. Geox ( and Cole Haan with Nike technology ( are fantastic options. They have rubber soles, so they feel like a sneaker while giving the look of a flat. 

I'm a big walker when I travel, and my all-time favorite sandal is the Gizeh by Birkenstock ( They come in fun patent colors, are under $100 and once broken in, they'll take you anywhere in comfort. 

Kelly's top ten closet must-haves!


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