Meet Kelly Hurliman, Oprah's show stylist, who makes it her business to get dressed without stress.
How would you describe your style?

Relaxed and a little eclectic. I find inspiration in so many things, so my style is often changing. But even though I love fashion and am surrounded by beautiful designer pieces, I am actually quite frugal and believe that less is more. One thing's for sure—you will rarely find me in heels. I'm on my feet all day and there's nothing worse than being in uncomfortable shoes!

How would you describe Oprah's style?

Classic and tailored but always comfortable. She gravitates toward clean lines and pieces that are soft and well made. She's willing to try something new but isn't into trends—she knows what suits her.

What's the best part of your job?

What isn't great about my job? Just getting to watch the show every day has changed my life. But getting the opportunity to do something creative every day for a living is by far the best part for me. It's what I've always wanted and for that I am truly grateful.


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