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Neck and Décolleté
To reverse both crepiness and dark spots, apply retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids; they build collagen (to improve texture) and exfoliate (to fade discoloration). If you use a prescription retinoid, apply it sparingly; two pea-size drops for the whole area is enough. This skin has fewer oil glands than the skin on the face and can be more prone to irritation. To dramatically improve the appearance of your delicate décolletage, doctors use a fractionated nonablative laser (like the Fraxel Dual or the Restore). "Two to four treatments erase fine lines and make dark spots disappear," says New York City dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD.

If you have deep vertical lines between your breasts, they can be smoothed with a hyaluronic acid filler. Botulinum toxin injections soften prominent vertical cords on the neck; results last about four months.